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Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for businesses who want to rank higher in search engines like Google and drive more organic traffic to their website.

As an SEO expert myself, I know what it takes to succeed in this competitive industry.


My Expertise


image Web Development

I create visually appealing user experiences that convert visitors to customers. With extensive freelance experience optimizing online marketing performance, I’ll boost your conversion rates and sales through improved UX design. Trust me to make your site more user-friendly and effective.


image SEO, SEA & SEM

Rely on my SEO expertise to boost your web presence and profits. I'll optimize your site's seo, content, and technical elements to drive more customers your way. My proven search engine optimization services will dramatically improve your site and deliver real sales growth.


image Content Marketing

You'll get professional content marketing support from me to increase visibility and reach more potential customers. With my experience as a freelancer developing effective content, I'll help strengthen your brand and boost sales.


image Affiliate Marketing

Leverage my proven affiliate marketing services to reach more qualified buyers and drive measurable sales growth. I optimize conversion rates through high-converting campaigns designed for ROI.


image Prompt Engineering

I create customized AI solutions to improve efficiency and insight, optimizing language models for specific business needs like task automation, data analysis, and decision support. Trust my prompt engineering expertise to tailor intelligent tools that extract value from your content.


image Analytics

My full-service analytics consulting extracts insights from your customer and business data to enable smarter decision making. I implement tracking, analyze trends, identify optimization opportunities, develop customized reporting, and clearly communicate analytics findings for both technical and non-technical audiences.


Driven SEO expert open to opportunities in the USA. 5+ years experience providing proven search engine optimization services to boost organic rankings for businesses in the United States of America. My approach includes on-page optimization, technical audits, content creation, and link building. Learn more on my About Us page. Let’s connect to discuss customized SEO strategies to grow your online visibility and organic traffic. Contact me today!

Best SEO Experts in USA. America's SEO Specialist 2024
text 1 Best SEO Experts in USA. America's SEO Specialist 2024

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SEO Strategies that can rank high in America

Comprehensive Keyword Research

The RM Digital team performs in-depth keyword research and analysis to identify high-value, low competition keywords that align with your business goals. We optimize your content around those keywords to improve visibility.

Technical SEO Audits & Fixes

Our technical SEO audits identify and fix issues like site indexing problems, duplicate content, site speed and more to improve SEO.

Local SEO Optimization

 RM Digital specializes in local SEO, optimizing your website and content to boost local search visibility and rankings.

Landing Page Optimization

We optimize your landing pages for higher conversion rates from organic traffic.

Conversion Funnel Optimization

 Identifying and fixing leaks in your conversion funnels increases goal completions.

On-Page Optimization

RM Digital optimizes on-page elements like title tags, headings, image alt text, etc. to improve your website’s SEO and ranking potential in search engines. Trust our work to see results, as the best SEO experts in usa

Link Building & Outreach

Our link building uses white hat techniques like content marketing to build high-quality backlinks from relevant sites.

Website Redesigns for SEO

RM Digital can redesign or optimize your website to follow SEO best practices, improving your organic visibility and traffic.

Content Marketing Strategy

RM Digital creates and distributes valuable, relevant content to attract organic traffic and links for your business.

Site Speed Improvements

By optimizing page speed through techniques like compression and caching, RM Digital improves SEO.

My Secret SEO Techniques Only Experts Know

Beyond the basics, I use proprietary strategies perfected over my career to beat the competition:

Keyword Clustering

Targeting groups of synergistic keywords drives more relevant organic traffic.

Link Reclamation

Reclaiming old links via outreach boosts rankings lost to dropped links.

Reviews Generation

Strategically getting more positive reviews improves local pack rank.

Site Speed Workflow

Special process to radically improve site speed for better Core Web Vital scores.

Link Drip Strategy

Slow, steady link building that mimics natural growth patterns.

My Own PBN

Using my stable of high authority private blog networks for tiered link building.

This inside expertise allows me to rank clients for ultra competitive keywords in their industry.

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Intensive Marketing & Web Development Studies by WBS Germany

Your #1 SEO Professional in USA

Super relevant traffic for your business

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Local Expertise

I understand intricacies of SEO for Google and other search engines in the US market.

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Faster Support

With me being in the same timezone, you get quick email and phone support when needed.

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Build Authority

A strong link building and content strategy helps establish your brand’s authority in your niche.

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Drive US Traffic

My targeting helps you appeal to US searchers and send highly qualified organic traffic to your site.

about image 5 Best SEO Experts in USA. America's SEO Specialist 2024

Save on Costs

Compared to an overseas freelancer, I provide premium services at a competitive rate.

about image 6 Best SEO Experts in USA. America's SEO Specialist 2024

Results Focused

Everything I do is measured and optimized towards getting real ROI from SEO. I am results-oriented.

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#1 SEO Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization Specialist for USA Companies You Can Trust

Why Every Business Needs SEO For Organic Traffic

Looking for reliable SEO services in America? With a proven track record of successful campaigns, I am a results-focused SEO expert you can trust.

If you are still on the fence about SEO, here are 6 reasons why it is a must for any business:

Increased Website Traffic

Top rankings means more organic visitors to your site. 30-40% of clicks go to the top 3 listings.

Lower Cost Per Lead/Sale

Users who come from SEO convert better. Lower cost than paid ads. ROI is higher.

Brand Credibility

Ranking builds trust and authority. Consumers trust Google.

Competitive Advantage

SEO creates sustainable long term traffic. Outrank competitors by doing SEO right.

High ROI

Proper SEO has one of the best ROI’s for marketing spend compared to other options.

It Keeps Working

SEO traffic keeps coming without ongoing costs if you maintain rankings. Great return on investment.

In 2023 and beyond, businesses who ignore SEO will get left behind those dominating the first pages of Google search results.

Link Building

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization SEO

online Management

Online Mangement

Paid Search

Link Building

Mobile SEO

ecommerce seo

ecommerce SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Link Building

Content Marketing

seo strategy

ecommerce SEO

seo analysis

Technical SEO


Other Free Useful Tools I Have Built To Help With Your SEO


image Bing SERP Checker Tool



image <a href="https://razakmusah.com/site-speed-test/">SITE SPEED TEST</a>






image <a href="https://razakmusah.com/keyword-density/">Keyword Density Checker</a>



image Link Analyzer Tool


home why choose us bg image Best SEO Experts in USA. America's SEO Specialist 2024
#1 SEO Professionals

Why I'm Better Than SEO Freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork

While freelance platforms like Fiverr have their place, they are hit-or-miss for critical services like SEO. Here is why I am better.

When your online visibility is vital, work with a reputable SEO expert, not an unproven freelancer.

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Need any Help!

    Let’s talk about your SEO success!

    In a non-binding phone call we will find out how I can support you with search engine optimization.

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    Ask RM Digital. The #1 Certified SEO Consultant in the United States of America

    For new sites, expect 3-6 months for significant rankings improvements. Established sites can see faster results, within 1-2 months.

    Yes, I stand behind my work. I don’t quit until I get you on the first page for our target keywords.

    I customize solutions, but all include a full SEO audit, keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and ongoing optimization.

    I provide monthly ranking reports, traffic analytics, lead and sale tracking to showcase the ROI you are getting.

    I focus on white-hat tactics you can rely on long-term. No shady tricks. Just proven strategies that work.

    Yes! I have extensive experience with Google disavow work, audits to identify issues, and fixing technical problems causing penalties.

    I have worked with clients across many industries and verticals. My strategies translate effectively regardless of niche.

    Yes. I don’t stop until I achieve agreed upon ranking goals. I also offer a traffic increase guarantee on some packages.

    Through in-depth discovery, I craft solutions tailored to your business goals, target audience, technical needs, resources and competitors.

    Analyzing competitors’ websites and strategies is crucial in SEO. It helps me identify the terms and tactics working in your niche so I can use that for your benefit. I regularly analyze competitors’ backlinks, keywords, rank tracking and more. This competitor analysis ensures we’re constantly ahead of the competition.

    Definitely. For businesses targeting local customers, I optimize your GMB listing for the 3-pack, build localized citations, create location-optimized content and implement other local strategies to help you rank in the map pack. This drives foot traffic.

    The content I create and optimize for clients focuses on topics and questions users search for in your niche. This includes blog posts, videos, infographics, and other formats that search engines favor. The goal is to provide value to searchers while optimizing elements like title tags, meta descriptions, headings, etc. I focus on creating content that earns links and social shares naturally which helps build authority.

    I utilize rank tracking software to monitor how your site stacks against competitors for important keywords. This identifies opportunities to target terms your competitors rank for. I also track their backlink profile, keyword rankings, traffic sources and more so you have a complete picture of their SEO strategy and can beat them.

    Voice search usage is growing rapidly and SEO has adapted. To optimize for voice, I ensure your website content answers voice queries clearly and concisely. I also structure content in a conversational Q&A schema. Finally, optimizing for featured snippets gives your brand visibility in the voice answer box results.

    Yes, use facebook  or linkedin  to connect with us. or checkout our freelancing post on other platform like linkedin. etc

    I provide monthly reports showing your keyword rankings, traffic, lead and sales metrics. I also review strategies that are working well.

    Yes, I have worked with brands in many countries to optimize their global search visibility. I can conduct country-specific keyword research, implement hreflang markup for languages, build links on foreign sites, create localized content, and adapt on-page elements for international audiences.

    I provide comprehensive monthly reports covering all important metrics – rankings for target keywords, website traffic analytics from Google Search Console, backlink growth tracking, lead and sales conversion tracking, competitor benchmarking, and more. This reporting allows me to optimize our efforts for maximum ROI.

    Absolutely. Technical SEO issues like crawl errors, broken links, page speed problems, duplicate content and more can seriously hurt rankings. I conduct full technical/on-site SEO audits to identify any weaknesses, then optimize your site’s backend and infrastructure for maximum indexing and performance.

    SEO works very well with paid search, social media, email marketing, and content marketing efforts by expanding reach.

    My customized process involves identifying strategic websites to pursue links from based on authority metrics like Domain Rating and traffic. Outreach is manual and personalized. I build links naturally from guest posts, resource pages, web mentions and other editorial opportunities. These are high-quality links from reputable sites that search engines trust way more than artificial links.

    Definitely. I can optimize your YouTube channel, videos, and descriptions to rank higher in YouTube and Google search results.