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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Effective SEO Proposals for Clients


Search engine optimization (SEO) proposals are an integral part of acquiring new clients and demonstrating expertise in the field. An SEO proposal presents a strategy for improving visibility and traffic to a website through optimizations that enhance ranking in search engines like Google.

An effective SEO proposal clearly outlines the current state of a website, opportunities for improvement, detailed recommendations, timelines, costs, and projected results. It should instill confidence by employing industry terminology while remaining easy to digest for prospects unfamiliar with SEO.

This definitive guide will equip SEO consultants with proven techniques for crafting compelling SEO proposals while empowering prospective clients to understand the components of an expertly formulated optimization plan tailored to their business goals.

Conducting Thorough Research Before Writing the Proposal

seo proposal

Analyzing the Client Website and Business

The foundation of an impactful SEO proposal starts with researching and analyzing the client’s current website to identify both strengths and areas for improvement.

Several key factors should be examined during the audit, including:

On-page optimization elements:

Technical site health:

  • Indexation issues or crawl errors in Google Search Console
  • Broken links or other blocked resources

Link profile analysis:

Additionally, fully understanding the client’s overarching business, target customers, goals, and main competitors will enable crafting customized strategies in the proposal that align with their unique objectives.

Conducting Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research should inform content strategies and link building approaches recommended in the proposal. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Keyword Explorer can help uncover the highest priority terms and phrases related to the client niche and products/services.

Aspects of keyword research for SEO proposals include:

  • Volume: Estimated monthly organic traffic for the keyword
  • Competition: How hard it is to rank for the term
  • Relevance: Alignment with client offerings and search intent
  • Commercial intent: Likelihood of converting traffic

Both primary and secondary keywords should be identified during research, such as:

Grouping keywords into topic clusters will further help shape content strategies that reach multiple related search interests.

Identifying Optimization Opportunities

The current state audit and keyword research will reveal prioritized areas for improvement to be addressed in the proposal with specific recommendations.

Common optimization opportunities include:

  • Improving page speed
  • Enhancing on-page elements with keywords
  • Remedying technical issues
  • Augmenting content quality and quantity
  • Acquiring links from quality sites
  • Boosting domain authority and trust metrics

Pinpointing optimization areas will organically flow into the action plan presented to the client with expected outcomes.

Elements to Include in an SEO Proposal

best seo for proposal

Now that in-depth research has been conducted on the client site, keywords, and opportunities, the next essential piece is structuring a well formulated proposal.

Summary of Current SEO Situation Analysis

Succinctly summarize key learnings from auditing the client site, highlighting:

  • Page speed scores
  • Technical health checkups
  • On-page optimization findings
  • Backlink profile status
  • Comparison to competitors

Support discoveries with data and metrics. Set the stage for proposal recommendations.

Keyword Research and Opportunity Analysis

Present prioritized groups of primary keywords and related secondary terms that align with the client goals.

Provide metrics like search volume and difficulty to rank for each keyword cluster:

Primary Keyword Monthly Search Volume Competition Relevance
seo proposal 201,000 High Perfect

Outline the highest potential optimization opportunities uncovered such as link acquisition targets, future blog post topics, and technical fixes.

On-page Optimization Recommendations

Provide specific on-page optimization recommendations based on research findings, such as improvements to:

  • URL structure: Suggest consolidating parameters into cleaner URL paths
  • Content: Recommend writing targeted content optimized with keywords
  • Page speed: Propose image compression tools to enhance performance
  • Metadata: Formulate title tag and meta description templates

Quote expected outcomes like higher click-through-rates from compelling snippets.

Technical SEO Recommendations

Identifying technical SEO issues through audits allows for recommendations to resolve critical fixes like:

  • Indexation: Regaining indexed pages lost to site moves or migrations
  • Crawl errors: Fixing elements blocking site crawlability
  • Page speed: Launching Core Web Vitals optimizations
  • Security: Obtaining SSL certificates to encrypt traffic

Each resolution will lead towards rankings and traffic gains.

Improvements to a website’s link profile impacts overarching authority and rankings potential. Based on competitive analyses, suggest strategies involving:

Link building plans may specify monthly targets for new links acquired. Measure success via Google Search Console and third-party tracking.

Optimized Content Strategy

A core component of SEO success lies in the continual creation of keyword-optimized, authority gaining blog content.

Define a 12-month content strategy roadmap addressing:

  • Primary topics and clusters: Ideas for new blog posts based on keyword groupings
  • Promotional tactics: Repurposing evergreen content through various formats like infographics and videos to maximize viewership
  • Link integration: Interlinking internal resources to improve rankings and visitor experience
  • Multimedia: Producing visual assets like images, charts, animations, and graphics to enhance content

Set goals for monthly publishing cadences to drive rankings and readership.

Local SEO Tactics (If Applicable)

For location-based businesses, incorporate local SEO and Google My Business optimization tactics like:

  • Complete profile: Verify and flesh out details on Google My Business listing
  • Customer actions: Enable and promote features pushing conversions like calls, directions, bookings
  • Review generation: Run review campaigns to generate quality recommendations
  • Link acquisition: Build directory and other links specifically mentioning location/city names

This drives foot traffic to physical stores. Track via Google Analytics along with call and on-site actions.

Social Media Integration Plan

While less directly impactful for organic search visibility, a presence on social networks still aids branding and inbound referral traffic.

Suggest platforms ideal for the client to focus on such as:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Define a strategy leveraging content, engagement tactics, and advertising opportunities per network to raise awareness and visits. Sync social efforts with SEO content pushes.

Conversions Optimization Tactics

Driving searchers from organic results to become leads or customers necessitates optimizing on-site conversion paths.

Propose testing and refining conversion points like:

  • Click-through-rate of landing page design
  • Persuasiveness of headline and body copy
  • Reducing steps and friction to convert
  • Tripwires offering free trial or sample download

Improvements will directly impact SEO ROI in the form of lower customer acquisition costs.

Paid search ads unlock additional value from SEO efforts already underway and offer synergies through shared keyword targeting.

Recommend best practices for expansions into:

  • Shopping ads for ecommerce items
  • Search campaign keyword expansion
  • Display/retargeting ads based on site behavior
  • Smart bidding automation optimization

Allow for direct lead and sale generation at controllable spends and targets.

SEO and Google Analytics Reporting

Once optimization efforts launch, accurately tracking quantitative results is crucial for gauging performance.

Highlight proposal inclusion of:

  • Google Analytics: Standard implementation for monitoring goals, channels, geo targets
  • Google Search Console: Connecting for search appearance insights
  • Rank tracking: Monthly monitoring of keyword positions
  • ROI reporting: Tying rankings and traffic to conversion rates and dollars

Present easy-to-interpret reports for digestion by clients alongside recommendations during account review meetings.

SEO Strategy Roadmap

The individual strategies contained in the proposal should roll up into a cohesive roadmap charting the path over a 6-12 month period highlighting:

  • Milestones and targets: Key ranking, traffic, revenue goals
  • Project stages: Groupings of campaign types and durations
  • Tracking and optimization: Points where progress and learnings determine next steps

This presents the overarching game plan and vision for SEO success.

Customizing the Proposal for the Client

proposal for seo

Now that the key components of an SEO proposal have been covered, how can this high level structure be tailored to meet the needs of individual prospects?

Tailoring Strategies to Client Goals

General recommendations serve as a starting point but customizations better achieve desired objectives whether they be:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Raise brand visibility
  • Achieve thought leadership
  • Beat the competition

Group tactics under each goal in proposals while keeping larger growth milestones in mind.

Customizing Recommendations Based on Specific Client Challenges and Needs

Drill down into diagnosing root obstacles hampering performance to shape solutions addressing why:

  • Traffic dropped due to an expired SSL certificate and unsecured site issues
  • Competitors rapidly increased keyword rankings with continually updated blog content
  • Site migration led to pages disappearing from Google index temporarily

Match highly focused strategies to the nuanced situation.

Comparing the Optimization Plan to Competitors

Contrast program elements to the known initiatives competitors currently invest in:

  • 5 monthly guest articles vs. their 2 guest posts
  • 50 new informational blog posts planned compared to their sparse content
  • Backlinks from 20 industry media sites compared to their 10 niche site links

This justification through competition differentiators demonstrates significant effort to stay ahead.

Drafting a Client-specific Editorial Content Calendar

Bridge the gap between generic advice to blog more frequently and actionable topics matching client interests by providing:

  • Optimized article titles and angles
  • Keywords and focus areas per post
  • Target publishing dates

Flesh out details in a shareable calendar file. Update collaboratively during optimization launches.

Optimizing Proposals for Specific Client Types

optimizing proposal

Certain components receive additional accentuation based on the client category to better display customization.

Key Elements to Include for Small Business Clients

Catering proposals to small businesses may call for greater:

  • Education: Explaining SEO concepts simply without overcomplicating
  • Flexible packages: Accommodating limited budgets amid constraints
  • Gradual timelines: Taking step-by-step phases to ramp up money and time investments
  • Hands-on support: Higher touch customer service guidance beyond self-service account access
  • Bundles: Grouping complementary services spanning SEO, PPC, web design, copywriting to extend value

What to Spotlight for Ecommerce Clients

Ecommerce sites look for immediate sales impact so spotlight tactics driving:

  • Increasing product landing page conversion rate optimization tests
  • Enhanced category and shopping feed optimization
  • Higher visibility in Google Shopping results
  • Generating more customer reviews
  • Detailed ROI reporting tying revenue to rankings

Optimization velocity and tie-ins across departments facilitate exec buy-in at online retailers.

Points to Stress for Lead Generation Service Clients

Professional services prioritize calls, contact form fills, downloads and other micro-conversions.

Emphasize SEO strengths accordingly through:

  • Prominent calls-to-action above the fold
  • Lead magnet and funnel optimization
  • Multi-channel tracking of form fills
  • Smart Google Ads to capture broad commercial search intent queries

Expert clarity on translating visitors into leads builds trust.

Local SEO Considerations

The unique needs of location-based business dictates highlighting core areas like:

  • Google My Business profile completeness and optimization
  • Hyperlocal link building outreach opportunities
  • Local pack ranking advancements
  • Tracking calls, direction clicks and on-location conversions

This geo-targeted approach caters perfectly to regional professional services looking to drive neighborhood action.

Building the Right SEO Proposal for Different Types of Clients and Industries

business proposal

While some aspects remain evergreen, certain accents in language and offers resonate stronger with particular categories of prospects based on their industry.

Components to Stress for Law Firm Clients

Building a rock-solid online presence is key for law practices to establish expertise and credibility.Core areas to focus on include:

  • Authority-building content showcasing legal insights and expertise through in-depth guides and analysis
  • Prominently featuring lawyer and law firm profile pages on the site
  • Spotlighting representative high-profile cases and client wins
  • Links and mentions from trusted legal and mainstream media publications
  • Ranking for location-based legal search queries

These facets help convert visitors into relying on the law firm for representation across cases big and small.

Aspects to Accentuate for Healthcare Clients

Healthcare SEO balances regulations alongside visibility, necessitating a focus on:

Sensitively improving visibility and access for patients drives growth for clinics and physician practices alike.

Opportunities to Stress with Contractor SEO Proposals

Home improvement visibility hinges on communicating the right details such as:

  • Service area and zip/city codes covered
  • Positive customer reviews and testimonials
  • Rankings for critical home repair emergency keywords like “emergency plumber near me”
  • Link acquisition from highly localized review sites and directories
  • Advertisements showcasing rapid response availability

This geo-targeted online presence captures attention of homeowners in need who convert at high rates when choosing and booking contractors.

Samples of SEO Proposals for Different Clients


Law Firm Proposal Example

Goal: Establish thought leadership and expertise to grow media profile and case leads

Strategy: Creating optimized pages featuring attorney biographies and representative cases won. Building links through guest articles published on legal blogs discussing lessons learned from influential cases. Ranking in top 3 local pack for relevant lawyer-related keywords.

Deliverables: Attorney profile page templates. 12 guest post placements over 6 months. Improved local pack visibility.

Mental Health Practice Proposal Example

Goal: Increase visibility and access for patients searching for in-network therapists and psychiatrists

Strategy: Optimizing telehealth page for video visit bookings. Building links/citations from specialized psychology directories. Ranking for therapy and condition-related keywords in target locale.

Deliverables: Telehealth page audit and refresh. 20 link acquisitions from niche sites. Top 10 local pack rankings.

HVAC Contractor Proposal Example

Goal: Boost search visibility to capture emergency repair calls and scheduled maintenance bookings

Strategy: Cultivating reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp to showcase 5 star customer satisfaction. Creating optimized emergency repair and maintenance service pages discussing areas covered, prices. Prioritizing emergency keywords for link campaigns.

Deliverables: Generate and publish 25 new customer reviews. 300% more impressions and clicks from high commercial intent emergency keywords.

Effective Presentation of SEO Proposals

search engine optimization

Crafting the content within a proposal sets the stage for success but effectively formatting and designing the document seals the deal.

Formatting Proposals for Skimmability

Recognizing prospects will initially skim proposals points to emphasizing scannability through:

  • Bold section headers
  • Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Short, 1-3 sentence paragraphs
  • Liberal use of subheaders
  • Info-rich sidebars and callouts
  • Chunking dense sections into consumable blocks

These actions make locating vital details fast during the frenzied evaluation process.

Incorporating Strong Proposal Design Principles

While black and white multipage documents get the job done, introducing persuasive design better keeps attention:

  • Interesting visual divide between sections like full bleed images
  • Infographics simplifying complex information at a glance
  • Data-rich graphs and charts conveying growth trajectories
  • Diagrams illustrating implementation plans from end-to-end
  • Effective calls to action prompting next engagements

Memorability matters when differentiating services from the SEO pack.

Tools To Easily Create Visually Appealing, Interactive SEO Proposals

  • Visme: User-friendly graphics tool with visually engaging templates
  • Venngage: Drag and drop infographic creator with free and paid options
  • Canva: Beautiful proposal and presentation builder with free tiers available

Leverage capabilities like animated charts, custom graphics, image libraries, and one-click collaboration to showcase expertise through design.

Incorporating Client Branding and Design Elements

Further personalized customization happens through:

  • Color schemes: Matching client brand palette
  • Typography: Selecting complementary fonts
  • Logo inclusion
  • Image assets like photos of location or products

VII. Call to Action

clients seo proposal

Encouraging Client Response in Proposals

After conveying expertise through informed SEO opportunities and solutions, spur action by:

  • Clearly defining logical next steps whether requesting discovery calls, signing contracts, etc.
  • Prominently displaying contact information and ideal channels for engagement
  • Using persuasive language conveying urgency paired with reassurances

CTAs should present a seamless path toward launching rewarding SEO collaborations.

VIII. Follow-Up Process


Post-Proposal Communication

Pending responses after proposal distribution, proactively follow up to:

  • Schedule further discussions for clarifying outstanding questions
  • Provide additional materials such as case studies detailing past optimization successes
  • Motivate final decisions through limited-time offers such as service discounts or value-add bonuses
  • Redirect to retainer payment and signup confirmation

Ongoing nurturing develops hot leads into retained accounts.

IX. Case Studies and Success Stories

search engine optimization proposal

Showcasing Achievements

Supplement the proposal’s conceptual strategies and recommendations with factual examples of SEO excellence achieved for clients in the same industry as prospects.

For example, when pursuing a restaurant group, analyze contributing elements deliverables offered to a competitor. Highlight performance metrics of a location before and after partnering such as:

  • 70% growth in foot traffic from local SEO efforts
  • 3X increase in revenue credited to reservations driven by SEO
  • \$500,000 in additional annual sales tied to SEO referrals

Rotate case studies shown to relevant prospects as active references speaking to capabilities. Provide takeaways for clients to emulate.

X. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Addressing Common Inquiries

Arm clients with information by answering expected questions like:

Q: How long does it take for SEO results to reflect on my site?
A: While some on-page factors can be quickly changed, larger rankings and traffic gains typically take 3-6 months with continual efforts.

Q: Are there any negative consequences or risks associated with SEO?
A: As long as best practices are followed such as avoiding keyword stuffing or shady link schemes, reputable SEO conducted ethically poses little downside.

Highlight strengths and set proper expectations.

XI. Conclusion

how to do seo proposal

In closing, reiterate the principal benefits of the proposed optimization plan and partnership including detonating visibility gains, outperforming competitors, and boosting revenues.

Summaries convey key solutions included from technical and on-page fixes to link building and local SEO expansions personalized precisely to their situation. Nutshell the expected return derived from SEO investment into immediate and long term wins.

Finally, provide clear paths forward facilitating launch through signed statements of work accompanied by optimized kickoff materials like audit analysis reports and link opportunity spreadsheets.

By comprehensively following this start-to-finish guide on crafting convincing proposals, SEO experts arm themselves to magnetically attract clients ready to unlock sustainable online growth.




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