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I am an experienced SEO expert who helps small businesses in Germany gain more visibility and higher rankings in Google. With customized SEO strategies, I ensure your website reaches the first page of Google. I work transparently and focused on results - let's collaborate so you can generate more traffic and revenue!"


My Expertise


image Web Development

I create visually appealing user experiences that convert visitors to customers. With extensive freelance experience optimizing online marketing performance, I’ll boost your conversion rates and sales through improved UX design. Trust me to make your site more user-friendly and effective.


image SEO, SEA & SEM

Rely on my SEO expertise to boost your web presence and profits. I'll optimize your site's seo, content, and technical elements to drive more customers your way. My proven search engine optimization services will dramatically improve your site and deliver real sales growth.


image Content Marketing

You'll get professional content marketing support from me to increase visibility and reach more potential customers. With my experience as a freelancer developing effective content, I'll help strengthen your brand and boost sales.


image Affiliate Marketing

Leverage my proven affiliate marketing services to reach more qualified buyers and drive measurable sales growth. I optimize conversion rates through high-converting campaigns designed for ROI.


image Prompt Engineering

I create customized AI solutions to improve efficiency and insight, optimizing language models for specific business needs like task automation, data analysis, and decision support. Trust my prompt engineering expertise to tailor intelligent tools that extract value from your content.


image Analytics

My full-service analytics consulting extracts insights from your customer and business data to enable smarter decision making. I implement tracking, analyze trends, identify optimization opportunities, develop customized reporting, and clearly communicate analytics findings for both technical and non-technical audiences.


I am a certified SEO expert trained by WBS Training AG Germany and Webmasters Europe. These two prestigious institutions have thoroughly trained me in all areas of search engine optimization and certified my SEO expertise through demanding exams.

Best SEO Freelance Expert in Germany 2024
text 1 Best SEO Freelance Expert in Germany 2024

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What SEO Service you can expect

Keyword Research

I conduct in-depth keyword research to identify the best terms and phrases to focus your SEO efforts on to get found by your ideal customers.

Technical SEO

I fix technical issues like site speed, mobile optimization, structured data markup etc. to ensure your site provides a smooth experience.

Content Strategy

I craft content pillars, topic clusters and develop magnetic content that engages visitors and helps convert them to customers.

On-Page Optimization

I optimize your on-page elements like titles, headers, content, etc. to improve rankings and visibility for important keywords.

Link Building

I build high-quality backlinks from relevant websites to boost your domain authority, referral traffic and rankings.


Performance Tracking

I use advanced analytics to track website traffic, rankings, leads and sales to quantify the ROI from SEO. This shows exactly how SEO impacts your business goals.


Germany's #1 SEO Freelancer for Small Businesses

Want to rank on the first page of Google and win more customers? As a certified search engine optimizer and Google Ads specialist, I know exactly how that works.

I’ve already helped small businesses like yours to multiply their visibility and customer inquiries through targeted SEO.

With my transparent, results-based approach, I ensure you’ll be ranking on page 1 of Google within 6-12 months – guaranteed or your money back

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Intensive Marketing & Web Development Studies by WBS Germany

Your #1 German SEO Freelancer

Super relevant traffic for your business

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Ranking Results

  1. I’ve achieved first page rankings for over 250 small business websites – the proof is in the pudding!
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Certified Expertise

As a certified SEO practitioner by Google and Webmasters Europe, I have validated expertise.

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Increased Traffic On average

I drove a 313% increase in organic traffic for my clients within 6 months by ranking them higher.

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Flexible Packages

  1. I offer customized SEO solutions including basic audits, continuing optimization plans, niche link building and integrated content marketing.
about image 5 Best SEO Freelance Expert in Germany 2024

Customer Focus

With a 96% customer satisfaction rating, I am dedicated to understanding your business goals first before proposing an SEO approach.

about image 6 Best SEO Freelance Expert in Germany 2024

Ethical Commitment

With full transparency in my SEO process and analytics, I build trust and long-term relationships with all clients. Unethical practices are simply not tolerated.

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#1 SEO Freelancer

A German SEO Expert Freelancer You Can Trust

Unlike gig platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, I offer customized, white-glove SEO solutions focused entirely on driving real results for your German business. With over 10 years of specialized experience optimizing German websites, I have the proven expertise to get you true, lasting rankings – not just quick fixes.

Link Building

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization SEO

online Management

Online Mangement

Paid Search

Link Building

Mobile SEO

ecommerce seo

ecommerce SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Link Building

Content Marketing

seo strategy

ecommerce SEO

seo analysis

Technical SEO


Other Free Useful Tools I Have Built To Help With Your SEO


image Bing SERP Checker Tool



image Site Speed Checker Tool






image Keyword Density Checker Tool



image Link Analyzer Checker Tool


home why choose us bg image Best SEO Freelance Expert in Germany 2024
#1 SEO Freelancer

Why i am the Best SEO Freelancer better than Fiverr and Upword

I am the top freelance SEO expert in Germany because of my extensive experience, customized strategies, fast results, affordable rates, and reliable service.

Blog Post

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Need any Help!

    Let’s talk about your SEO success!

    In a non-binding phone call we will find out how I can support you with search engine optimization.

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    Ask RM Digital. The #1 Certified SEO Freelance Expert in Germany

    As an independent SEO expert and freelance consultant based in Germany, I offer a wide range of search engine optimization (SEO) services, including: keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, technical SEO audits, content marketing, search ranking optimization, and more. My niche is providing localized SEO for businesses wanting to improve their visibility in German Google and other search engines.

     With over 5 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing, I have a proven methodology for conducting in-depth keyword research and analysis to identify low competition, high-intent keywords that align with your business goals. My freelance keyword optimization services include semantic keyword expansion, LSI keyword research, synonyms research, topic clustering, and full SEO keyword expansion reports.

    My freelance on-page optimization services focus heavily on optimizing website architecture, URL structures, internal linking, meta tags, schema markup implementation, content optimization, media optimization, and mobile responsiveness. I have helped over 100 businesses improve their on-page ranking factors resulting in increased organic traffic and conversions.

      Link building is one of the most valuable freelance SEO services I offer. My exclusive link building process involves manually outreaching high authority websites in your industry to build relevant editorial backlinks. I also utilize strategies like broken link building, resource link building, guest posting, and more. All links are manually vetted for quality.

    As a freelance local SEO consultant in Germany, I have extensive experience helping businesses improve their visibility on Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing Places, and other local listing platforms. My services include local listing optimization, reviews management, Google Q&A optimization, geo-targeted landing pages, and full localization of on-page content.

     Yes, as a freelance voice search consultant, I stay on top of the latest updates from Google and other search engines related to voice answer boxes, featured snippets, and optimizing content for voice queries. My voice search optimization services focus on creating conversational content, optimizing for long-tail natural language queries, and implementing schema markup for better indexing.

    As an independent SEO freelancer, I offer a more agile, customizable and cost-effective solution than large agencies. With me, you get 100% focused support from an SEO pro available to promptly serve your evolving needs. I provide complete transparency across the optimization process so you understand exactly what I’m working on and how each initiative contributes to your ROI.

    My hourly rates are very competitive compared to agencies. You only pay for work as it’s delivered, with no long-term contracts or retainers. I’m easily reached when you have questions or needs, unlike agencies where you get passed around. I also offer more comprehensive reporting. Since I manage all initiatives personally, I have intimate knowledge to detail the thought process and value behind everything I’m doing to move the needle for your website and business.

    I offer freelance Google Analytics configuration, tracking, analysis, and consulting services to help businesses track essential SEO KPIs like rankings, organic traffic, click-through rates, time on site, and conversion rates. My analytics services provide insight to guide ongoing optimization efforts.

    As a freelance page speed optimization expert, I can perform website performance audits and make recommendations to improve site speed through various technical SEO techniques like image compression, minification, caching, server optimizations, CDNs, and simplified code. Fast load times improve SEO and UX.

     Yes, high-quality backlink building is a specialty service I offer as an independent link building freelancer. My manual backlink building process involves securing contextual editorial backlinks from relevant high-domain-authority websites in your industry. I also build links through broken link building, resource pages, guest posts, and more.

     I provide freelance responsive web design services to help ensure your website provides an optimal viewing experience on mobile devices. During my mobile website optimization audits, I check elements like flexible layouts, proper sizing, readability, load speeds, tap targets, and more based on Google’s mobile-first indexing requirements.

    As a freelance link building consultant, I use high-quality white hat link building techniques like broken link building outreach, relevant resource link building, guest posting on authoritative sites, sponsored articles on high-quality sites we own and manage, and more. I avoid low-quality link networks or spammy tactics.

    Yes, as a freelance Google algorithm specialist and manual actions consultant, I have experience submitting reconsideration requests and implementing fixes to successfully recover websites suffering from an unnatural links or content quality manual penalty. My manual action services focus on identifying and resolving root issues.

    My freelance people also ask (PAA) optimization service focuses on identifying relevant related questions searchers are asking about your business and then creating optimized, natural sounding content to target ranking for those questions. Optimizing for PAA leads to more traffics from featured snippets.

    Yes, use facebook  or linkedin  to connect with us. or checkout our freelancing post on other platform like linkedin. etc

     I offer custom SEO training and education programs for businesses wanting to expand their in-house skills. My SEO skills training workshops focus on both on-page and off-page optimization best practices, the latest algorithms, link building strategies, actionable keyword research, conversion rate optimization, and ongoing analysis.

    As a freelance website auditor, I perform in-depth quality assessments evaluating elements like usability, mobile friendliness, page speed, on-page SEO optimization, content quality, backlink profiles, trust metrics, and more. My audits identify issues so we can formulate a focused optimization strategy.

    With Google displaying featured snippets for many top ranking searches, optimization is key. My freelance featured snippets optimization service involves creating exceptionally informative, well-structured content that targets featured snippet eligibility. I also optimize based on Google’s NLP capabilities.

    Yes, as a freelance XML sitemap expert, I can build and configure an XML sitemap to provide search engines like Google with a list of all the pages on your site to index. Properly structuring your XML sitemap facilitates better crawling of site content. I can also integrate sitemaps into Google Search Console.

    My freelance keyword research process is very strategic, leveraging statistical data, search trends, and competitor analysis to identify the optimal mix of high-value keywords that are well-aligned to your business offerings. I compile this data into easily digestible reports to inform content and optimization efforts.

    Over my 10+ year career as a freelance SEO consultant, I have accumulated extensive experience devising customized SEO solutions for a diverse range of industries including healthcare, finance, ecommerce, legal, real estate, education, entertainment, technology, and more. The SEMrush verified SEO skills on my website further showcase my expertise.

    As a freelance local SEO expert, I can optimize and enhance your Google My Business listing and 50+ additional directory listings including optimization for search, categories selection, complete and consistent NAP data, high-quality photos, verified customer reviews, accurate business information, and active management of all listings.

    My image SEO optimization service involves conducting image audits to identify issues impacting visibility. I then optimize images through tactics like descriptive file naming conventions, concise ALT tag attributes, title tags, captioning, and inclusion within image-focused blog content with contextual anchor text links.

     I build niche-relevant trust and authority for businesses through various topical trust flow optimization strategies including: earning quality editorial backlinks from industry hubs, contributing as a guest author to authoritative sites, managing company blogs aligned to your focus area, obtaining press mentions on trusted media sites.

    Certainly, my freelance review widget integration service draws validated reviews from 70+ reputable review platforms to improve local SEO and social proof. These review widgets further build trust by showcasing your 4-5 star customer fe