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  • A skilled SEO freelancer can audit a site, identify opportunities/issues, and make recommendations for improvements. They can also directly implement changes like optimizing pages, creating content, building links, tracking rankings, etc.

My Expertise


image Web Development

I create visually appealing user experiences that convert visitors to customers. With extensive freelance experience optimizing online marketing performance, I’ll boost your conversion rates and sales through improved UX design. Trust me to make your site more user-friendly and effective.


image SEO, SEA & SEM

Rely on my SEO expertise to boost your web presence and profits. I'll optimize your site's seo, content, and technical elements to drive more customers your way. My proven search engine optimization services will dramatically improve your site and deliver real sales growth.


image Content Marketing

You'll get professional content marketing support from me to increase visibility and reach more potential customers. With my experience as a freelancer developing effective content, I'll help strengthen your brand and boost sales.


image Affiliate Marketing

Leverage my proven affiliate marketing services to reach more qualified buyers and drive measurable sales growth. I optimize conversion rates through high-converting campaigns designed for ROI.


image Prompt Engineering

I create customized AI solutions to improve efficiency and insight, optimizing language models for specific business needs like task automation, data analysis, and decision support. Trust my prompt engineering expertise to tailor intelligent tools that extract value from your content.


image Analytics

My full-service analytics consulting extracts insights from your customer and business data to enable smarter decision making. I implement tracking, analyze trends, identify optimization opportunities, develop customized reporting, and clearly communicate analytics findings for both technical and non-technical audiences.


A true partnership backed by my dedicated freelance SEO experience and expertise to progress your organic growth, traffic, visibility and revenue. Let’s connect to discuss further!

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What you can expect

Strategic Keyword Targeting

Through extensive research, I’ll pinpoint valuable, high-traffic keywords that align with your business goals and market viability for targeting, helping enhance discoverability in searches.

Effective Technical SEO

From site architecture to page speed, I focus heavily on technical SEO best practices to improve crawlability, indexing and ranking capabilities.

Content Optimization

I will optimize on-page content for the targeted keywords, improving copywriting and structure so search engines can easily interpret relevancy to user queries.

Link-Building Campaigns

Quality link building from reputable external sites helps earn trust and authority in Google’s eyes. I’ll pursue smart link-building opportunities to grow your digital footprint.


Good reasons to work with RM Digital Freelancer

As an experienced SEO freelancer, I’m eager to collaborate with you on smart, ethical strategies to rise to the top of the results pages. Rather than quick tricks, I focus on sustainable white hat techniques – optimizing content, improving site architecture, building genuine links. This thoughtful approach leads to lasting results.

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Intensive Marketing & Web Development Studies by WBS Germany

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Comprehensive Competitive Analysis

I thoroughly analyze competitors’ SEO strategies to identify shortcomings we can capitalize on and best practices worth emulating. This informs keyword targeting and site enhancements.

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Strategic Keyword Targeting

Through rigorous analysis of search data and user intent, I identify and optimize for high-potential, high-value keywords aligned with business goals. Building authority for these terms earns top ranking.

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Engaging, Optimized Content

Optimized, well-structured content reinforces relevance and value to carefully matched keywords, earning trust to rank well. The focus: creating useful, compelling resources site visitors genuinely want to consume and share.

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Technical Foundation

Core web vitals like optimized HTML, effective navigation structures, fast hosting and mobile responsiveness impact crawlability and visitor experience. I ensure technical foundations facilitate SEO success.

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Safe Link Velocity Practices

Naturally growing high-quality backlinks at a stable rate, I build site authority and trust without risks from manipulating links. This relies on outstanding off-page content and outreach approaches.

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Performance Tracking and Iteration

From ranking developments to traffic and engagement patterns, I monitor key metrics across channels to guide an agile, evolving SEO plan responsive to the latest algorithm and market changes.

We are ready to help your business grow

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#1 SEO Freelancer

A Certified SEO Expert You Can Trust

When it comes to professional search engine optimization services, credibility and qualifications matter. With over a decade of diverse SEO experience, I have made it a priority to pursue respected industry certifications to better assist my clients.


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Need any Help!

    Let’s talk about your SEO success!

    In a non-binding phone call we will find out how I can support you with search engine optimization.

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    Ask RM Digital. The #1 Certified SEO Freelance Expert

    As an SEO freelancer, I offer a full range of search engine optimization services, including:

    I optimize websites to improve organic rankings, traffic, and conversions. My personalized SEO solutions focus on long-term, white hat strategies that align with Google’s quality guidelines.

    I have over 10 years of experience providing professional SEO services on a freelance basis. I have a proven track record of securing top rankings and driving targeted organic traffic for over 500 clients across diverse industries. My expertise spans technical and on-page optimization, backlink acquisition, local SEO, ecommerce SEO, enterprise SEO, and international SEO in over 20 languages.

    I am a certified SEO professional who keeps up-to-date with the latest best practices and search algorithm updates. I have undergone training from leading institutions like Moz and SEMrush. In addition, I am constantly expanding my skills and knowledge by reading widely respected publications like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land and Neil Patel.

    My SEO process follows a customized, white-hat methodology focused on long-term, sustainable results. The key phases include:

    1. Thorough SEO audit and analysis – Identify optimization opportunities through detailed technical/on-page/off-page analysis.
    2. Keyword research and mapping – Identify relevant, high-traffic keywords that align with business goals. Map them to appropriate pages.
    3. On-page optimization – Optimize page elements like meta tags, headings, content, media, and structured data based on priorities uncovered during the audit and keyword research.
    4. Link building and outreach – Build high-quality backlinks from relevant sites through outreach and partnerships.
    5. Rank and performance tracking – Monitor rankings and traffic metrics to gauge ROI and inform optimization priorities.

    I tailor this process to match each client’s unique needs and objectives. Transparent reporting keeps clients updated through every project phase.

    As your SEO freelancer, I can provide a wide spectrum of custom optimization solutions to match your specific goals, including:

    • Local SEO to help you rank better on Google My Business and attract local customers
    • Technical SEO fixes like site migrations, speed optimization, and security enhancements
    • On-page optimization for improved keyword targeting, meta data, site architecture and more
    • Building high-quality backlinks through outreach to enhance domain authority
    • Optimizing for voice search to increase visibility on smart speakers
    • Implementing schema markup for improved Google visibility
    • Optimizing and creating content to demonstrate expertise and authoritativeness (E-A-T)

    I employ a holistic process focused on ranking your pages for valuable keyword terms that align with your products, services and content. By optimizing your on-page and off-page factors to meet Google’s ranking criteria, I can help you earn more high-ranking placements in search results. The additional organic visibility leads to exponential growth in quality traffic to your site over time.

    My ongoing optimization and monitoring maximizes the quantity and quality of this “free” traffic from search engines. I also provide recommendations to boost conversions from this elevated organic traffic. I offer complete transparency into key metrics so you can validate the growing value delivered by my SEO efforts.

    As an independent SEO freelancer, I offer a more agile, customizable and cost-effective solution than large agencies. With me, you get 100% focused support from an SEO pro available to promptly serve your evolving needs. I provide complete transparency across the optimization process so you understand exactly what I’m working on and how each initiative contributes to your ROI.

    My hourly rates are very competitive compared to agencies. You only pay for work as it’s delivered, with no long-term contracts or retainers. I’m easily reached when you have questions or needs, unlike agencies where you get passed around. I also offer more comprehensive reporting. Since I manage all initiatives personally, I have intimate knowledge to detail the thought process and value behind everything I’m doing to move the needle for your website and business.

    Based on a customized SEO strategy tailored to your site and goals, you can expect to see significant improvements in your organic rankings, website traffic, and conversions. Most of my clients achieve a 30-50% boost in organic traffic within 4-6 months. Through on-going optimization, I can help you multiply your organic traffic and revenue over the long-run.

    I also provide detailed analytics reporting so you can track your key SEO KPIs month-over-month. I’ll proactively alert you as impactful milestones in visibility and performance are reached. Comprehensive, real-time monitoring enables me to continuously refine strategies to maximize your SEO ROI. I stand behind the quality of my services, so if you are ever dissatisfied, just let me know so I can make it right.

    With over a decade of diverse experience, I am skilled at optimizing SEO for virtually any site, including:

    • Ecommerce stores – Drive more organic traffic to maximize online sales
    • Local businesses – Improve visibility and connections with local customers
    • Blogs/news sites – Attract more subscribers and traffic
    • Service business – Differentiate and stand out to prospective customers
    • Cross-border/multilingual – Rank higher in foreign markets
    • New sites – Employ “search-first” SEO strategies to accelerate growth

    My proven SEO strategies have generated remarkable organic growth across sectors like healthcare, finance, SaaS, education, non-profits, real estate, law firms and more. I specialize in difficult niches due to my background in technical healthcare disciplines.

    Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about my 10+ years of experience providing exceptional SEO services on a freelance basis. You can also check out my website at razakmusah.com for additional info and client testimonials related to my freelance SEO work. Finally, check out my Facebook page to see more about me personally and professionally.

    Q: What is the pricing for your freelance SEO services? My hourly rates for SEO services are very reasonable compared to large agencies. I offer flexible packages tailored to fit each client’s budget constraints. Typical starter packages begin as low as $500 per month. Schedule a quick call with me for a free consultation, where I will evaluate your current SEO situation and goals. Based on that, I provide custom pricing options that provide maximum value aligned with your monthly budget.

    During our partnership, you only pay for actual hours worked each month. There are no long-term contracts or retainers. You can discontinue services anytime if you are not fully satisfied. I also regularly identify opportunities to reduce monthly hours through SEO training and technology like Rank Tracker. My goal is always to drive results as efficiently as possible so you achieve an exceptional ROI.

    I offer complete transparency into the activities, strategies and reporting to validate the hours invested in advancing your SEO. Some monthly deliverables include:

    • An executive presentation summarizing key site audit findings and optimization recommendations
    • Daily activity dashboards outlining on-page and off-page tasks completed
    • Rankings reports illustrating keyword positions and movement
    • Traffic analytics showing growth trends for organic, paid and social channels
    • Links added, disavowed or reclaimed through my link building efforts
    • Ongoing blog content optimized for SEO and engagements
    • Ad hoc phone/email access to ask any other questions

    Through comprehensive, near real-time reporting, you will stay fully informed of the specific value being generated by my holistic SEO efforts each month.

    I prioritize technical SEO, on-page optimization and secured link building as core pillars of sustainable success. Before chasing rankings for competitive keywords, sites must have a technically sound foundation, well-optimized pages and respectable domain authority.

    I build this base for long-term wins through fixes like site migrations, speed and security enhancement, schema markup for better formatting, and content optimization for improved authoritativeness. Once fundamental technical and on-page factors are addressed, secured backlinks amplify rankings potential for targeted pages and posts.

    Securing editorial links remains essential for ascendance beyond the first page of Google. I achieve brand association with industry influencers through blogger outreach and guest posting on reputable niche sites relevant to my clients’ brand and offerings. These third-party endorsements signal trust and domain importance to Google.

    Search engines like Google constantly evolve their ranking formulas, with speed and mobility playing bigger roles. Around half of searches now originate on mobile devices. Technical deficiencies will significantly limit your visibility and traffic no matter what other SEO initiatives you pursue.

    All sites inevitably accumulate technical issues over time that hinder performance. An expert SEO audit uncovers core infrastructure issues you likely never knew existed – things like site security vulnerabilities, orphaned pages from old domains, broken internal links between pages, accessibility problems on mobile, site speed bloat. Proactively identifying and correcting these unseen issues prevents catastrophic drops in organic visibility from Google updates. It also strengthens your foundation for sustaining long-term SEO gains.

    I have over a decade of real-world experience successfully managing SEO for Fortune 500 brands and high-growth startups alike. Specific qualifications include:

    • 10+ years of full-time professional SEO experience
    • Certified by leading SEO training institutions like Moz, SEMrush and Hubspot
    • Graduated top of my class in Applied SEO training with Distinctions
    • Google Analytics Certified
    • Featured speaker at industry conferences like Pubcon on optimizing complex sites
    • Active membership in key industry organizations like the American Marketing Association (AMA)

    My passion for lifelong learning ensures I stay fully immersed in the latest SEO best practices and approaches. I am completely dedicated to mastering this dynamic field to drive maximum results for my clients.

    Conclusion I trust this FAQ provides helpful insights into my capabilities and approach as a seasoned SEO freelancer. Please connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook if you have any other questions. I look forward to discussing how my customized SEO solutions can accelerate organic growth for your business!

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