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I understand the online marketing challenges facing Augsburg companies in competitive industries. My data-driven SEO strategies help businesses stand out in local search results, drive more website traffic from target locations, generate higher quality leads, and boost conversions. If you're looking to grow your business and dominate the first page of Google, you've come to the right SEO agency.

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Investing in a professional SEO campaign with RM Digital offers many advantages that business owners in Augsburg can leverage to succeed online:

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What makes RM Digital the leading expert in Augsburg SEO services? For starters, I am a certified SEO specialist from two of the most prestigious institutions in Germany: Certified SEO Expert from Webmasters Europe Advanced SEO Strategist Certification from WBS Training AG Germany With over a decade of experience in technical SEO, content marketing, link building and conversion rate optimization, I possess the skills and expertise required to rank businesses on the critical first page of Google.

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Our Specialized Local SEO Strategies

We are intimately familiar with the Augsburg market and how buyers search for products and services online in the area. Our SEO campaigns leverage targeted local keywords and geo-specific optimization strategies that national agencies overlook.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

No two companies have the exact same goals and online marketing needs. Our flexible solutions and methodology is tailored around your unique business objectives for the greatest ROI: Ecommerce Companies: Increase organic traffic, conversions, average order value Service Businesses: Boost lead generation, calls, form submissions Informational Sites: Grow website visitors, time on site, pages per visit

Real, Measurable Results

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters in marketing is results. Our powerful technology tracks and measures SEO performance down to the keyword level, monitoring progress across key metrics.

Transparent Pricing & Reporting

You receive complete visibility into the inner workings of campaigns. Our pricing is straightforward with no hidden fees. And detailed analytics track rankings, traffic, leads and conversions so you know exactly what our efforts achieve.

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On-page SEO refers to elements directly implemented on the website that influence rankings such as: URL Structure: Permalinks, categories, tags Content: Keyword optimization, formatting, media HTML Code: Page speed, semantics, indexing User Engagement: Bounce rate, time on page, clicks


Technical errors can severely impact search visibility. Our audits identify and fix: Indexation issues blocking pages from search Duplicate content and thin page content Slow page speeds losing visitor engagement Broken links, redirects and meta tags Accessibility problems on mobile devices


Our location-based optimization strategies improve rankings for geographic and “near me” searches: Google My Business listing complete optimization Location pages with city/region landing pages Local content about Augsburg and geographic area Citations on 50+ local directories like Yelp Locally-targeted links from location-specific sites


Influential websites linking back to you signals authority to Google, increasing rankings: Manual outreach to earn high-quality links Optimized guest posting on authority websites Strategic partnership opportunities Link reclamation from old sites or mentions Competitor link analysis to identify new link sources


Higher rankings driving traffic means nothing if visitors don’t become customers. Our advanced CRO provides solutions to: Landing page copy, layouts, speed for conversions Form analysis and optimization Click tracking with heatmaps and mouse movement Calls to action testing and placement Page navigation for desired user flow


We continuously monitor your website's SEO performance using advanced analytics tools. By tracking key metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates, we identify areas for improvement and refine our strategies to ensure your ongoing success in Augsbur's competitive online landscape.

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Clients trust us for our exceptional service and dedication

Robert Paulsen

Managing Partner, LLP

“They do everything they say…no BS”

“The custom website RM Digital built for our law firm perfectly captures our brand while offering an exceptional user experience. We regularly get compliments on the modern, eye-catching design.”

Ahmed Rizvi

SEO Manager, Finance Corp

“These guys are incredible”

Expertly executed link building combined with technical SEO audits from RM Digital helped recover our site from a Google penalty. We regained rankings and traffic, putting us back on track for growth.”

Karen McNeil

VP of Sales & Marketing, TonerPro Office 

“Unrivaled customer support”

RM Digital’s comprehensive digital marketing services allow us to focus on our core competencies while their team handles online visibility strategy. Their reporting and communication are excellent.”

Lisa Himmelman

Owner, Everbloom Floral Design

“Excellent Job”

As a small business owner, RM Digital’s freelancing services gave me access to top digital marketing talent without the overhead costs. Their vetted contractors produce excellent work at reasonable rates. Highly recommended.”

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Team of SEO Specialists

Certified SEO Services from Renowned Institutions


ROI Focused Approach

My strategy is designed from the ground up to boost ROI, not just improve rankings. Get real business impact.


Ethical, Sustainable Tactics

I use strictly white at, ethical tactics focused on long term gains, not risky short cuts.


Local References on Request

Happy to provide references from Augsburg clients successfully dominating local search

Award-winning digital marketing agency




Professional SEO Services

Unlock your website's potential with the expertise of the best SEO specialist, delivering tangible results

Proven Results and Measurable ROI

Our data-driven approach delivers quantifiable results. From increased website traffic and higher search rankings to more leads and sales, we measure and optimize for maximum return on your marketing investment

Holistic, Full-Funnel Strategies

We take a comprehensive view, implementing seamless multi-channel strategies that capture prospects at every stage of the funnel and nurture them into loyal customers.

Cutting-Edge Tactics and Expertise

Our team stays ahead of the curve, continuously evolving our methods using the latest marketing technologies, SEO best practices, data analytics, AI, and more to give you an unfair advantage.

Transparent Partnership

As an extension of your team, we provide clear communication, in-depth reporting, and collaborative planning. You'll always understand our process, performance, and the "why" behind our recommendations.

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1. What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It refers to strategies and techniques that improve a website's rankings in search engines like Google, allowing it to appear higher in results pages for relevant searches.

2. How can SEO benefit my business?

SEO generates more website visitors, brand awareness, lead generation opportunities, and customers. Ranking high for valuable keywords drives traffic from people actively searching for your products or services.

3. What is your experience in SEO?

Our founder has over 10 years of extensive SEO experience optimizing websites across diverse industries. He keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and maintains several respected certifications.

4. What makes your SEO services unique?

We offer comprehensive technical audits, on-page optimization, conversion focused strategies, link building, effective reporting, and completely personalized solutions tailored to each client's specific goals.

5. What does an SEO campaign with your agency look like?

We start with auditing your site, researching keywords, evaluating competitors, and planning strategies before executing targeted improvements for traffic, leads and sales. Ongoing optimization and reporting continues maximizing results.

6. What SEO pricing models do you offer?

We offer project-based pricing tailored to your needs and budget as well as monthly retainers scaling options allowing us to manage campaigns long-term for bigger results over time.

7. Do you guarantee rankings or results?

We don't guarantee #1 positions since rankings fluctuate and competitors play a role. However we do guarantee effective implementation of researched best practices tailored around your goals.

8. How can SEO complement my other marketing?

SEO works extremely well combined with paid search, social media, email, and content marketing, multiplying results. Our strategies integrate with existing efforts.

9. How long does it take to see SEO results?

Initial results come fast but climbing competitive keywords can take 6-12 months. We focus on long and short term wins, showing progress in reports. Consistency over time is key.

10. You mentioned reporting - what does that include?

Custom dashboards track website analytics, rankings, monthly recaps, traffic sources analysis, conversions, ROI, and KPIs tailored to your goals for complete transparency.

11. Can outdated website design negatively affect SEO?

Yes, modern UX, speed optimizations, responsive mobile pages, and clean architecture establish a foundation for visibility. Our technical audits address issues.

12. Should I choose an SEO agency or freelancer?

For best results, choose an experienced agency for access to collective knowledge across specialties versus a single generalist. Monthly retainers provide stability.

13. Why are links and content marketing important for SEO?

Quality links signals authority and relevancy to search engines while content attracts backlinks, engagement and converts visitors.

14. Will SEO replace my need for paid advertising?

SEO complements paid media well. Cover lost impressions from paused ads with SEO driving organic traffic to those landing pages while scaling efforts.

15. How technically demanding are your SEO strategies?

We handle all challenging implementation tasks so you focus on running your business while we optimize it behind the scenes and provide transparent reporting.

16. What is your SEO process and what's the timeframe?

Strategic planning takes 1-2 weeks before deploying solutions over a 6+ month timeframe. Long term management persists for ongoing results.

17. What metrics do you optimize for?

Conversions, revenue, leads, site traffic, rankings, visibility growth. We connect efforts directly to your business goals via in-depth analytics.

18. What specific SEO tactics do you leverage?

On-page optimizations, technical fixes, UI/UX improvements, target link building, conversions optimization, local SEO, schema markup implementation, site speed, etc. We use proven tactics avoiding risky shortcuts.

19. Should I be worried about Google algorithm updates?

By sticking to white hat, ethical best practices focused on human users over shortcuts to “trick” algorithms, we build sustainable results able withstand updates.

20. How do you conduct keyword research? What's your process?

We use several paid tools analyzing search volume, competition levels, commercial intent, and optimization difficulty to identify profitable, scalable targets supporting business goals.

21. How do you monitor website rankings?

We verify rankings across tools to avoid inconsistencies checking page 1 and 2 visibility. Manual checks twice a month supplement automated tracking. We dig into sudden ranking changes.

22. What SEO pricing models do you offer?

Project-based pricing is available but monthly retainers enable better collaboration implementing complex plans over longer timeframes to build, optimize and sustain results. Retainer clients receive discounted extras like content creation.

23. How exactly does SEO increase website sales?

By optimizing pages for commercial phrases used during purchase consideration and targeting each stage of the buyer's journey, we directly influence decisions leading to sales.

24. What's your client onboarding process like?

We gather details about your business, customers, challenges, processes, goals, existing data and marketing through a detailed questionnaire and kickoff call enabling us create fully customized game plans.

25. Do I need to provide content or landing pages for SEO?

No we can handle content strategy, creation and linking as well as landing pages / funnel optimization complimenting technical efforts based on conversions data.

26. Are there any standard SEO deliverables I can expect?

Yes, in addition to scheduled reporting mentioned earlier, you'll receive on-page recommendations, competitor analysis summaries, site crawl summaries, link opportunity proposals, funnel mapping documents, personalized future state models for search visibility, keyword tracking sheets, and suggested tests.

27. How long are initial contracts or retainers?

Typical engagements range from 6-12 months enabling adequate time to earn expert quality links, generate unique content, and sustain consistent optimization as websites change.

28. What happens after my initial SEO retainer contract ends?

We discuss renewing retainers or shifting to project-based plans. Sustaining efforts preserves and builds upon momentum from initial gains while adjusting strategies based on changes over time.

29. How can I check an SEO agency's track record or results for other clients?

We're always fully transparent and happy to provide website traffic graphs, anonymized ranking growth data, and key metric benchmarks from past clients with their consent. References are available also.

30. What metrics do you report on each month?

Ranking positions, monthly traffic (organic, paid, social, etc), lead form conversions, phone call tracking, ROI tracking, goal achievement over time, site analytics, link metrics, optimizations completed, and detailed action plans.

31. How do I know your link building tactics are ethical? What do you consider “black hat SEO”?

We only pursue relevant links from trusted providers earned manually through outreach, partnerships, etc. Blackhat tactics include buying links, over-optimizing anchors, doorway pages, hiding text, etc which we avoid.

32. If my site faces a manual action from Google, will you help fix that?

Yes, absolutely! We help properly respond to algorithmic or manual reviews securing re-inclusion and optimization opportunities going forward through ethical compliance.

33. What factors contribute to your SEO success rate?

Our extensive expertise, proven process developed over 10+ years SEO experience, tailored strategies for unique business models, in-house content developers and hands-on link builders supporting technical talent enables reliable success.

34. How can I expect sales conversions to increase from SEO specifically?

Beyond more traffic from target buyer keywords, we optimize pages influencing decisions at each stage of consideration with the goal of creating more sales ready prospects exposed to conversion focused messaging we help develop.

35. What happens if my competitors aggressively pursue SEO? How do you counteract their efforts?

We frequently optimize based on their strategy shifts and monitor their site changes in order to recommend counteracting measures defending rankings wins while also innovating new tactics scaling visibility further beyond temporary fluctuations.