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A Guide to Using Bing’s SERP Checker Tool for SEO By Musah

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What is Bing’s SERP Checker Tool?


Bing’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Checker tool is a free online tool that allows you to check the position and performance of a website or webpage in Bing’s search results. Specifically, it shows you the keyword rankings for a domain in the Bing search engine.

In the competitive search landscape, it’s essential to monitor your search visibility and rankings across major search engines like Google and Bing. 

While many SEOs focus heavily on Google rankings, optimizing for Bing can also drive significant organic traffic, especially in markets like the US where Bing has decent market share. Since Bing also powers Yahoo’s search results, you can essentially kill two birds with one stone.

Bing’s SERP checker tool provides quick and useful data on your site’s presence and performance for important keywords in Bing search. By entering keywords and domains, it shows the latest rankings and search results data, including:

  • Current keyword ranking position in Bing results
  • Maximum (best) position reached
  • Number of competing results
  • Estimated impressions and clicks
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Identifies if ads are showing for the search term

The SERP checker enables SEOs and digital marketers to analyze the Bing visibility for target keywords, compare against competitors, and further optimize pages for higher rankings and traffic. It’s an indispensable asset for any data-driven SEO strategy. Here is the next section:

Why Use Bing’s SERP Checking Tool for SEO?

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There are a few key reasons why SEOs and website owners should keep an eye on Bing rankings using their SERP checker tool:

Get Your Bing Rankings for Target Keywords

The most basic benefit is that the tool shows you the current ranking position and impression data for keywords you care about ranking for. Seeing where you stand in Bing search enables you to:

  • Set specific ranking goals
  • Prioritize keywords to target
  • Track upward or downward movement over time.

Without checking Bing itself, you’d miss out on monitoring this visibility.

Identify SEO Optimization Opportunities Specific to Bing

Ranking algorithms differ slightly between Google and Bing. So high rankings in Google don’t always correlate to strong positions in Bing. By analyzing niche ranking gaps in the SERP checker, you can uncover additional keyword and content optimization opportunities tailored to Bing.

This allows you to boost rankings and traffic from Bing searchers specifically. You can even filter by location to focus on keywords that strongly convert for certain target markets.

It’s Important Since Bing Powers Yahoo Search Results Too

Another major reason for using Bing’s rank checking is that Bing provides all search results to Yahoo. So if you rank well in Bing, you also gain that visibility and traffic from Yahoo search.

Essentially, by focusing on your Bing SEO, you can maximize your reach, rankings and conversion potential across both Bing and Yahoo search. That added exposure and traffic from Yahoo can be invaluable, making it well worth also checking your Yahoo SERP positions using this tool.

The Bing SERP checker allows you to efficiently optimize and monitor performance in two major search engines for the price of one. The extra data empowers better SEO decisions. Here is the next section:

Setting Up and Using the Bing SERP Checker

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Bing’s rank tracking tool is free and simple to use once you set up an account. Here is a step-by-step guide to using the Bing SERP checker to monitor rankings:

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Bing Webmaster Account

In order to access the rank checker, you first need to sign up for a free Bing Webmaster account. This just requires an email and password.

With a webmaster account, you can access advanced search data and optimize how your site appears in Bing’s search engine.

Step 2: Add Your Website to Be Tracked

Once your account is setup, you can add websites that you want to track rankings for. This allows you to monitor and compare multiple sites if needed.

To add a new website property, just enter your root domain without prefixes like www or http. For example, example.com.

Step 3: Verify Website Ownership

In order for Bing to provide search data on your site, you have to verify that you own the website. There are a few methods to do this, like file verification, meta tag verification or DNS verification.

Follow the verification steps provided and Bing will include your URLs in results data.

Step 4: Enter Keywords and Set Filters

Now comes the fun part: checking those coveted keyword rankings! Under the “Check your site’s search traffic” section:

  • Enter keywords you want to track data for
  • Select filters like country, language, device if desired
  • Hit enter to see the results

The tool will display current ranking position, max position reached, number of competing web results for the keywords and estimated impressions. Here is the next section:

Understanding and Interpreting the SERP Checker Results

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Once you enter keywords into the Bing SERP checker, there is a lot of useful data you get in the results. Here are some key elements to pay attention to:

Current Position and Fluctuations

The first thing you likely notice is what ranking position your URL currently holds for the keyword. Over time, monitor how this position changes, especially following SEO optimizations.

Try to reach and maintain page 1 rankings whenever possible. Anything on the first SERP gets very high impression volume.

Impression Share

This metric indicates your website’s share of the total impressions for that keyword. Higher is better, so if it drops look for SEO issues like rankings declines, site indexing problems or penalties.

Click Through Rate

Clickthrough rate shows how often searchers clicked your result for that term out of how many times it appeared in results (impressions).

Higher CTR signals greater search relevance. If your CTR drops, enhance page quality and on-page optimization to improve it.

Ad Presence

The SERP checker shows if ads are showing above your result for the keywords. If so, you may want to consider Bing PPC ads to capture traffic you otherwise miss out on.

Competitor Analysis

Compare your metrics like rankings, impressions and CTR to competitors. See where they outperform you to learnwhat pages and topics to enhance next.

By fully leveraging the SERP checker data, you can significantly boost your pages’ visibility, click and conversion rates in Bing search. Here is the next section:

Using SERP Data to Improve Bing SEO & Rankings

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Getting keyword rankings is just the first step. The real value comes from actually analyzing the SERP checker results to inform search optimization efforts.

Here are some ways to turn those insights into better Bing SEO and higher rankings:

Identify Focus Keywords to Target

Look for middle and low competition keywords that your site ranks decently for already. These are prime targets for reaching page 1 and driving even more impressions long-term. Doubling down on them can pay off vs chasing only ultra competitive terms.

Optimize On-page Elements for Those Terms

One of the top ranking factors is on-page optimization. For your focus keywords uncoverd from the rank checker, ensure to optimize:

  • Title tags
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3 tags)
  • Image file names and ALT text
  • Page content
  • URL slugs
  • Schema markup
  • Site speed

This greatly improves the visitor experience while showing search engines those pages merit high rankings for those specific keywords.

Quality backlink building should complement your on-page optimization efforts. Having authoritative external sites linking to your content with anchor text relevant to your rankings targets shows third party endorsement while expanding keyword relevancy.

Monitor Ranking Progress Over Time

Use the Bing SERP checker to monitor changes in rankings, impression volume and CTR over weeks and months. This allows you to track ROI from SEO efforts. If you see positive trajectory, keep doubling down. If you take a dive, reassess your approach.

Consistent monitoring ensures you catch issues right away before rankings sink further. Here is the next section:

Bing SERP Checker Tool Tips & Tricks

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Beyond basic use of entering keywords and viewing data, Bing’s rank tracker has additional functionality to take advantage of:

Comparison to Other SERP Checkers

While several SERP checkers exist, Bing naturally provides the most robust and accurate data on Bing itself. Supplement it with other tools, but rely on it as the source of truth.

The core benefit compared to other rank checkers is it pulls directly from internal search data rather than trying to approximate rankings.

Pros and Cons

Pros: accurate rankings, impression and CTR data, easy to use, free, provides competitor insights

Cons: Only shows Bing results, have to claim website first, manually enter keywords

Limitations and Alternatives

The main limitation is it only shows Bing search results, not fully reflecting performance in Google. Supplement with Google Search Console’s rankings data.

For Google rankings, SEMRush and Ahrefs are top alternatives. Several free extensions like MozBar also estimate Google ranks.

Additional Features and Settings

Dive into further customization by filtering results by country, language and device. Look for differences in rankings and conversion rates by segment.

You can also set up automated position tracking alerts to get notified immediately via email if you reach #1 or drop down. Very handy for staying right on top of changes.

Use all the customization available to tailor the tool to provide the data that matters most for your SEO goals. Here is the next section:

FAQs About The Bing Rank Checker

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Here are answers to some of the most common questions people have about Bing’s SERP checker tool:

Is the Bing Rank Checking Tool Really Free?

Yes, the core SERP checker tool is 100% free to use. You simply need a free Bing Webmaster Tools account, which also doesn’t cost anything. There are also no limits imposed on number of keywords tracked.

How Often Does The Tool Update Rankings Data?

The SERP checker updates ranking data on a daily basis. So you can check more or less daily to see the very latest positioning.

Can It Show Rankings in Other Search Engines Than Bing?

No, the tool focuses specifically on showing rankings in Bing, since it leverages internal Bing search data. It does not provide Google, YouTube or other search engine rankings.

Is There a Way to Automate Keyword Rank Tracking?

Yes, by utilizing rank tracking alerts, you can configure automated email notifications if pages reach top search positions or fall below thresholds. This saves manually checking all keywords daily.

Can I Check by Country or Devices?

Yes, you are able to filter rankings by country and devices like mobile, tablets and desktops. This provides more granular performance data.

Does Bing’s Tool Show Estimated Traffic Value From Rankings?

No, unlike some other rank trackers, Bing’s default tool does not estimate the potential traffic value from rankings. It focuses most on ranking and impression volume rather than conversions data.

Hopefully those answers help provide further clarity and insight on maximizing use of Bing’s excellent SERP checker offering! Here is the conclusion section:


bing serp checker

Bing’s free SERP checker tool enables all SEOs and website owners to easily track keyword rankings and performance in Bing search results.

With Bing powering Yahoo search as well, monitoring Bing gives you valuable visibility into two high-traffic search engines.

Key takeaways include:

  • Provides core rankings and impressions data
  • Essential for tracking Bing-specific SEO efforts
  • Optimize pages for greater CTR and conversions
  • Compare metrics to competitors
  • Identify new keyword opportunities
  • Monitor progress over time

By fully utilizing the user-friendly Bing rank checking features for ongoing SEO, you can boost impressions, clicks and traffic from Bing and Yahoo searchers over the long-term.

The tool delivers the critical organic performance data needed to inform your strategy targeting Bing search dominance.

Now mastering both Bing and Google search provides maximum search visibility and access to the website traffic websites need to grow and thrive online. Use Bing’s excellent rank tracker to propel this growth!